Inspect the exterior

Inspect the exterior

Make a point of walking the perimeter of your home to look for cracks, chips, or holes in the facade and loose shingles on the roof. Imperfections like these can be access points for unwanted water to enter the home, which can cause rot, mold, or structural damage.

If your exterior walls are coated with built-up dirt and debris, wash them first to make it easier to detect potential problem areas. You can do this by attaching a cleaning tool to your garden hose or renting a pressure washer. Costs will vary depending on which option you choose, but start as low as $20.

Windows are another potential danger zone for leaks, so be sure to check the condition of your weather-stripping, as well as look for chips and cracks.

Consult a professional to determine the next steps if you find damages to your home’s exterior.

“Another suggestion is to consider hiring an inspector to help identify areas of risk. Most people only do this before buying or selling a home, but you don’t want to wait until it’s too late”

Taking care of your property now with these simple maintenance tips could save you time and money in the long run.

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